Aurora is ready for war

After spending a long time in her tower, Queen Aurora is now ready for war. She has arrived at the battle scene to face Selena and retrieve the Elven King, alongside Princess Odette and the Moniyan Knightess, Silvanna. Together, they have unexpectedly gathered a team for this great battle.

Bane and Franco have also joined the quest to prove their worth and strength to the Queen. They have been with her for a long time and will fight alongside her. Known for their comedic exchanges, be ready for more banter between these two.

Previously, Fanny failed to protect King Estes, but has been given a second chance to fulfill her duty.

Meanwhile, Silvanna has temporarily left her army at the Frozen Seas to personally oversee that all matters will be taken care of. Her decision to join Queen Aurora in the upcoming war could have a significant impact.

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Team Aurora VS Team Selena

Upon the arrival of Queen Aurora and her team, they were greeted by their expected foes. Selena and Vale were surprised, but not uneasy, at their arrival. In addition, the Lord, turned by Vexana into their ally, had joined forces with the enemies. Selena was prepared to battle, and Aurora was ready for war.

Will they be able to save the King from the Abyssal Goddess Selena? Can they protect each other in the face of a great war that could wipe them all out?

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