A Great Battle Unfolds

Previously on Episode 19: Experiment 21, when Miya saw the spear from Moskov, she knew that he was the one who killed her best friend – Nana. By this revelation, Moskov suddenly killed Miya. With this tragic event, a major twist was revealed. Moskov got surprised that Alucard saw what happened to Miya.

You have to brace yourselves for the great actions and big revelations of the next episode.  Alucard, the Demon Hunter, will be transformed as the “Child of the Fall!  Having transformed as the Child of the Fall, watch out for Alucard’s transformation—red right eye, white left eye, and his left wing! You dare not miss how the Child of the Fall will expose his full power. 

Will Alucard get his grand victory after his leap of faith of disclosing his full potentials? Also, previously, Alucard cut Moskov’s right hand and got slayed. 

That wasn’t a lasting victory because Queen Vaxena resurrected Moskov to be her slave and to fight for her power.  When Moskov saw Alucard, he remembered that he was the one who killed him. 

Since then, fear and anger has overpowered Moskov’s heart. Moskov will reach his maximum potential and be changed to his full power character!  

Heads up, Hectorians! The fury of Alucard for his ally and the revenge power of Moskov will lead us to a great battle that you shouldn’t miss!!!