Avatar of Guardian

Dan (Estes) and Miya were in the forest. Dan could not stop thinking about the grudge that Miya has for king Estes. Miya left Dan for a while and the bonfire went off.

At the Swan castle, the Warsong squad defeated Alice and Moscov. Gatot launched his final blow and imprisoned the two invaders shortly after.

Princess Odette gathered the squad and asked them for a special mission to find Rafaela and gather information about the death squad leader “The Fallen.”

Now, at the church, An assassin named Natalia was ordered by the priest to kill the spy or she will be terminated from the church. Now she went to find the spy where by chance Tigreal was there.

As Tigreal was leaving the place, Natalia took aim at the spy and attacked him but Lesley was there at the top of a building, secretly aiming for Natalia. She shot her gun and Natalia was stricken. Tigreal came to check what made the noise and saw Natalia lying down.

He saved Natalia by blocking the second gunshot of Lesley’s and aimed for Tigreal’s head. He was convinced that he would die. By this time, Natalia saved Tigreal.

In the jungle, where Dan stood, a suspicious looking bird was looking at him.