Crimson Squad

Freya and the squad are at their headquarters discussing their ranks. She tried convincing Roger to join their squad. 

While at the Swan castle, Lancelot and the group deployed for their special task leaving Princess Odette at the Swan Castle. Lancelot gave a sword to Odette and departed soon after. 

Meanwhile, Lesley was speaking to his brother Harley how she hates assassins. They left the building and the story went on to Dan and Miya in the Forest. 

Miya was suspicious about the bird, took aim. She knew who it was and they ran away from the bird. It was Verri, the cursed husband of Pharsa together with Ruby and Karina.

As Lancelot proceeded, they were in the forest but then they sensed a very powerful presence.

They stopped and as their feet resisted from moving. An assassin draws the sword and aimed at their necks and is ready to attack them from their back. Lancelot knew who it was.