His long shiny snow white hair pulled against his angelic face creates a good contrast on his black steampunk warrior look as the cloud of smoke slowly disappears. And as the vision gets clearer, the luminous wings paired with a bladed weapon produce an intimidating power that communicates a warning that no one can escape the Child of the Fall.
In the past episodes, the attack on Miya, Alucard’s beloved former ally, triggers the fight between Alucard and the Death’s Squad Hero Killer, Moskov. At the same time, the hate that flows in Moskov since his previous defeat to him built more tension to this vengeful battle. Alucard was gaining advantage when Selena, the Dark Elf, gave Moskov an incredible power transforming him to Twilight Dragon.
And with this new found strength, Moskov has Alucard almost killed but Gord made his usual comedic yet unexpectedly motivating distraction. Gord was heavily wounded by Moskov and this intensified the on-going battle between the two as Alucard bounced back and became the Child of the Fall.

The battle between the Child of the Fall and the Twilight Dragon has been one of the most anticipated battles to happen in Mobile Legends Stories.

Will Alucard’s rage put an end to this match…

…or Moskov will be blessed again with another source of power?

Will it be true that the Child of the Fall shall be Moskov’s eternal nightmare?

Stay tuned as Episode 22 is scheduled to be released this July 2020. Clashing of powers, blinding collisions and deafening cries, all that and more will be seen in the coming episode!