Mobile Legends – Lylia


Ability Effects



Shadow Crystal

Lylia gets power from Shadow Crystal, increasing her Movement Speed by 15%. Each time she upgrades "Shadow Crystal", she will increase her Movement Speed by extra 5%. Lylia can use Shadow Crystal to provoke Glooms and upgrade this skill. Up to 5. The higher the level, the higher the damage dealt by provoked Glooms.


Magic Shockwave

Lylia releases an attack wave ahead, dealing 250(+100% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies on the path. "Magic Shockwave" will provoke a Gloom on the path, dealing damage to enemies around him.


Angry Gloom

Lylia summons a Gloom to the designated area, dealing 120(+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to all enemies in the area and slowing them 40%. Lasts 1.5s. Gloom can be provoked by "Magic Shockwave" and "Shadow Crystal" and deal 240(+120% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies around. Each time Lylia upgrades "Shadow Crystal", the damage dealt by provoked Gloom will increase 50% up to 200%


Black Shoe

Lylia immediately returns to the position where the Black Shoe was 4s ago and stacks max times to use "Angry Gloom", increasing her Movement Speed by 40%. Lasts 2s.


Even after the end of the Rift War, there was still a crisis hidden in the Land of Dawn. The remaining Void Monsters were appearing everywhere. They kept looking for food to live on, especially Magic Power. This time, they got close to the Magic Academy.

Lylia was one of the most gifted student in the Magic Academy, who was also the naughtiest girl. She always used her strange Magic to prove that she was right. She brought horrors rather than surprise to everyone at most times. She was also misunderstood by others since she was a Black Wizard. So they called Lylia “Little Witch”.

Recently, however, there have been signs of Void Monsters in the Magic Academy and the magicians did their best to catch these strange creatures. Lylia managed to capture the most special one. She not only felt his power, but also found out how cute he was. This Void Monster was fond of Black Magic. Lylia gave him a name – Gloom. She considered him as her friend and wanted to introduce him to everyone in the Magic Academy. But no one believed that Lylia caught such a threatening creature all by herself. They began to question or even taunt Lylia. Gloom felt that his master was provoked, and started attacking those magicians. Some magicians were shocked by Gloom. They thought this was Lylia’s scheme to destroy the Magic Academy. They decided to catch Lylia and eliminate Gloom.

No matter what Lylia did, she couldn’t stop those magicians from attacking Gloom and her. More magicians gathered together and this made Gloom very angry. He called out many other Void Monsters to fight alongside with him. Everything went out of control. Many of those magicians got hurt or even lost their Magic. As a mentor, Eudora tried her best to resist these Void Monsters but nothing happened. In a hurry, Lylia stood in front of Eudora and used her Black Power to seal those monsters into Gloom. Lylia saved Eudora’s life. Since then, Eudora found out how special and brave Lylia was. She knew that Lylia’s understanding of Black Magic is superior to others, and realized that good and evil are determined by those who wield the magic, instead of the nature of the magic itself.