The 4th Mythical Hero

Gord was standing in front of the hospital window when suddenly Alucard woke up. They discussed what happened to the fight and all that Alu could remember was that they were struck by an ulti. Gord on the other hand boasted and Roger countered his story who was awake the whole time. 

Meanwhile in Chou’s room at the hospital. Clint was there full of anger and seeks revenge on whoever did that to his co-member. 

Now as he proceeds outside the room he saw a beautiful girl named Layla which distracted him and soon he tripped yet thought fast and pretended he was doing push-ups. 

Gord and the others gathered at their room as Freya came and challenged them. Typical Alucard volunteered to go first. She challenged him to a singing contest and later on Alu lost the challenge.

Back in Chou’s room was Rafaela, the nurse. She performed her healing magic to cure him while at the Swan Castle, princess Odette was invaded by Moscov and Alice.

They plan to kill her while her Prince Charming Lancelot was outside, calling her. When there was no response, his assassin instinct kicked in. He came on time to stop Moscov from killing Odette and saved the beautiful Princess from death.