The Curse of Mystic Magic

The Dark Lord ordered Moskov, A.K.A. the hero slayer, to kill all the remaining six mythical heroes. The Dark Lord thought that the leader of the Ace Squad which also is a mythical hero was already dead. Alice targets the swan castle first. 

While at the hospital Roger, Alucard and Gord are still unconscious. Gord was dreaming about when he was struck by Eudora with lightning. His memories came flooding back to him but it was quite blurry. 

He was unsure of the girl he was dreaming about. He dreamt of the fight between Alice, Eudora and him. But he was quite unsure of who they were. He dreamt on how Eudora fought Alice and how Alice tried to kill him.

The dark lord interrupted the fight and took Eudora leaving Alice and Gord alone. She was sure that Gord was a goner but then he twitched and started moving. His anger was at full and he gathered all his mystic magic to perform his Ulti, Mystic Gush. He defeated Alice yet it consumed all his mana. Because of his power, his appearance changed. 

He woke up and adjusted himself and was distracted by the snore of Alucard who sounded like a monster. 

Now, at the mountain, Freya was alone. The pain is consuming her making her cry. She remembered all the good times she had with Zilong. His promises and everything. Her heart was torn.

Eudora and Karrie, on the other hand, reported that Zilong was dead and they had failed their mission. The dark lord was angered and wishes to destroy Freya. He revealed himself, the dark lord was no other than the fallen angel Argus. In a beautiful grass field. A hand holding an immortality, an item that can save you from death appeared. He was brought back to life and was looking into the distance. Zilong had escaped death.