The Fallen

Dan and Miya had escaped the Crimson Squad. Dan’s true identity was almost revealed when he answered Miya’s question about his ultimate skill. Shortly after he pretended it was a joke. His escape rope was effective.

Lancelot and the squad were asked about the code and Lancelot answered. Yisun Shin, on the other hand, was so close to being killed because by Lapu-Lapu’s recklessness. 

The Assassin who was considered to be a mythical hero as well left. YSS fainted due to fear.

While at a park, Natalia was looking after for Tigreal. He was unconscious but right after he gain consciousness Natalia offered a dance to Tigreal. 

It’s a way of saying thank you for saving her life. Sooner later, Tigreal joined the dance and impressed Natalia with his moves. 

At the Swan castle, Princess Odette and Sec were alone when Zhask and Argus secretly freed Moskov and Alice.

They took the chance planning to kill princess Odette.