Thunder Chicken

A group of cyborgs was in a garage. A young man was fixing his car. After he fixed it, he ordered it to play his jam and started dancing to the tune. An assassin who happens to be a cyborg was there watching him in disgust. 

After a while, they both argued about the young man whose name is Bruno about his car whom he thought was alive. In the midst of the heavens came soaring another cyborg who’s name was Alpha went down to inform them about the death squad. 

They brainstormed on what to do and decided to create a squad which they called the Cyber Knights. Members of this new squad are Alpha, Saber, Bruno, The Car, and Cyclops. They seek to avenge their creator Dr. Gogh. 

Martis, on the other hand, sat on the throne of the Princess making the castle as his own.

Martis ordered Argus to do what he asked of him in order to get the Draconic Armor. Now Argus went out to find Roger and slapped Gord as hard as he could. He’s planning to kill Roger.

Gord started remembering things about Eudora who happened to be there and stood in front of him. Never he knew he’d remember her beautiful face.