Unforgettable Love

In the midst of a clear blue sky, in an open field are two young lovers named Gord and Eudora, enjoying the sunny morning. Never did they know that menace will come to strike at that peaceful time.

An evil hero named Alice interfered the two lovers on their moment and stroke down the beautiful mage Eudora.

Gord tried to fight but Alice was too strong. When his peak of anger reached, he took a strike at Alice with all his might defeating her but also consuming all his mana.

He woke up being saved by a Valkyrie named Freya who later on introduced their other allies named Layla,. Gord lost all his memories including his love, Eudora and his appearance changed. 

Further on another strong hero joined their force whose name was Alucard and was a former member of the strongest squad in the Land of Dawn named ACE SQUAD. Later on, the other former members of the Ace Squad named Roger and Tigreal came.