Valkyrie vs Supreme Warrior

In a pavilion, there stood Dan and Miya. While enjoying the view, Dan asked Miya about Estes, her response was full of hatred when it comes to that name. 

Dan (the real king Estes) pursued to hide his true identity to Miya because he was scared that if she finds out, their friendship shall be over.

While on a battle against Freya, Zilong had a flashback on why he killed his friends for the sake of the dragon armor and joins Alice in the death squad. He remembered the disappointment of his lover Freya and later on came back to reality. They were in battle. Gord, Chou and Alucard were unconscious.  Eudora casted an ulti that knocked them down. Roger, on the other hand, can barely even stand and was almost killed. He was watching the fight between the two. Eudora tried to butt in but Zilong ordered her to leave. 

Freya casted her ulti and activated her valkyrie mode, Roger was shocked at the sight. 

Zilong on the other hand also used his ulti and Freya charged at him. Memories of them together came flashing back and when she comes back to reality, she had stabbed Zilong.

He didn’t really fight her. He just hugged Freya and kissed her forehead goodbye. Meanwhile in the death squad. The dark lord asked Alice about the new recruited member. She introduced to the dark lord a fearsome marksman full of hatred whose name is Moskov.